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We are a Melbourne SEO Company with over 12 years experience in SEO.
We get First Page SEO Results 10 x Faster than it takes the Big SEO companies.

And in most cases at less than half the price.

We love helping our clients dominate Google so they can generate more leads and customers, and ultimately grow their business.
The # 1 Reason Clients Choose Click Local SEO Melbourne is Because We Deliver Results - 100% Guaranteed

The other top 5 reasons clients choose us as their SEO partner is we offer;
  1. Very Reasonable SEO Rates  - We offer very reasonable rates for our seo service
  2. Guaranteed Results – We know how to do seo the smart way - unlike most other seo companies
  3. Complete Transparency – We explain the exact seo process and techniques we use in plain English
  4. Best Practice SEO - We only use best practice seo techniques that Google rewards
  5. Reasonable Timeframes – On average it takes 8-12 weeks to achieve multiple page one rankings


SEO is vital to generating leads and attracting customers to your business and the higher you rank on Google the more traffic and leads you will receive.

We can help you get your website ranking at the top of Google for all your main keywords.

"Before you do anything or sign anything with another SEO company please take the time to speak to us.

You will be amazed with the level of knowledge we have about website marketing and SEO.

We will explain exactly how we get the results, what is required and how long it will take.

We pride ourselves on being the best and I'm sure that when you see your website ranking at the top of Google you'll be glad you chose us as your seo company"


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Looking for a SEO Company Melbourne to help you increase leads and sales to your business. 

Not all seo companies are the same... Most don't really understand what best practice SEO is.

We do.

We have been doing SEO for a long time now and have hundreds of 1st page Google results.

Not only can we show you plenty of 1st page Google results, we can also show you plently of results where we have our clients on page 1 multiple times.

Think about that for a minute...

Not once.... but multiple times - all done with best practice SEO.

To begin with we just get your website found on page one for your top keywords, then we look at other ways to boost your online presence to maximise leads and sales.

Our clients enjoy a steady flow of leads from SEO without having to rely on leads from pay per click advertising.

We have worked with and still work with a whole range of clients, from small businesses and start ups to national companies and large advertising agencies.

Our seo rates are the best in Melbourne and Australia.

We offer fixed prices for SEO and a 100% results guarantee.

If you are looking for a Melbourne SEO company that you can trust to deliver results in reasonable timeframes,  and at affordable seo rates, then Click Local SEO is the company to call.

Rather than take our word for it, why don't you call us and ask us for a list of clients we have done the seo for recently so you can call them and find out how good our seo service is.

When it comes to seo costs you need to understand what is involved to really appreciate the value we provide our clients with our seo packages.

Not all seo companies in Melbourne are the same!

We know how to do SEO the smart way - No B.S ... just results.

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