A Smart SEO Strategy is One that Constantly Adapts to the Changes in the Google Algorithm

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With over 12 years SEO Experience we are always up to date with the latest changes in SEO and the Google algorithm. The proof is in our results.

Google keep changing their formula for ranking websites. Which is why our seo strategy and methodology constantly adapts too. We ensure best practice content marketing & seo strategies are always applied so we can deliver SEO results as fast as possible.

Our SEO Success Methodology

Every industry, market and niche is different and requires a different approach to SEO to rank at the top of Google. The old ways of SEO are now dead. 

At Click Local SEO we customise your seo strategy to target the keywords that your customers are most likely to type into Google when they are ready to do business.

This means you don't waste money on traffic and clicks on irrelevant traffic.

We also look at your current website structure and design, and your competition.

And we continually review your SEO strategy to ensure you're getting the best possible results.

The real secret (which isn't really a secret), is to ensure that we're building the most effective links to your website for your niche or market.


We offer various SEO Packages to suit your lead generation objectives and your budget. 


Local SEO is ideal for businesses that want to generate leads from their local service area. This type of local SEO is generally suburb or location focused. Example: Product or Service + Mentone, Product or Service + Richmond etc.



Regional SEO is for businesses that want to attract customers from a particular region, generally a wider reach than their local surrounding suburbs. Regional SEO is similar to local seo however it will include regional type searches as well as suburb searches.

Example: Product or Service +Melbourne East



City SEO is for businesses that want to generate leads and attract customers from all over a particualr city. City level SEO usually targets top performing keywords as well as high opportunity longer tail keywords that include a city location in the search.

Example: Lawyers Melbourne, Teeth Whitening Dentists Melbourne, Curtains and Blinds Melbourne etc..



National SEO is for businesses and companies that want to generate leads and attract new customers from all over Australia or from multiple states. This type of SEO involves targeting city level keywords for each city as well as top-level keywords without a location.

Example: Small Business Coach Melbourne, Business Coaching, Digital Marketing Agency, Fitness Insurance.



Our SEO Process

Our SEO process is very structured and simple to understand.

We first work out the best performing keywords to target for your business, then we make sure your website is optimised for the target keywords. Our content creators make sure that all your website content or blog articles contain the right keyword balance and that all your on page meta tags, images and back end code is optimised properly as well.

Once we are happy with the on page side of things then we move our efforts to building up some good quality links into your site from other relevant authority, industry specific websites. In order to do this we need to create content and distribute the content onto other websites.

The content that we distribute will contain a link back to your website, which will help push your site up in the rankings.

Link building is only one part of the SEO process and the key is to ensure that the links that are being built are "good quality" and "have purpose". We also ensure that you have fresh new content being added to the internet on a regular basis. Blogging and article writing are two ways to create content, however we use many other smart ways to create content and distribute it.

Social media profiles are important which is why we ensure they are set up and optimised properly too.

Remember this... when it comes to SEO

If it is easy... meaning if anyone can do it, or your can write a computer program to do it... or you can outsource to a country with a million people... chances are it's not going to do you any favours...

Google is smarter than that... they have invested Billions of dollars in their search engine.... and those that try and take short cuts will be penalised.

Do SEO right.... put in the effort and you will be rewarded.




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